Sculpture by Tebby George
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The human form has been an unending source of beauty and inspiration to me. I am particulaly inspired by the physical differences that characterize the many cultures that surround me. At the same time, I am continually amazed by the similarities of beauty, strength and vulnerability that these cultures share.

I work in clay, wax, plaster, cast paper, forton and coldcast bronze, often adding color with oxides, underglazes, glazes and oils. There are many exciting sculptural processes and I continue to explore the field. My figures and portraits range from sketches to life-size figures and I sculpt in relief as well as in the round.

As a working sculptor for over thirty years, I have shown in several California galleries and exhibitions. My pieces are in collections in the United States, South America and Europe. Currently I am an instructor of Life Sculpture at the Fort Mason Campus of the San Francisco Community College District.

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